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Sammy-Lee Lodwig murder trial: Man 'calm after killing girlfriend' Jason Farrell was covered in blood when he told a neighbour he had killed Sammy-Lee Lodwig, a jury hears.
Hi-Lex: 125 jobs to go at Port Talbot car parts firm Japanese firm Hi-Lex makes parts for car manufacturers including BMW, Honda and Bugatti.
Mobile phone ban in school relaxed to 'ease friction' A head teacher says the ban detracted from pupils' education - but other schools take a different view.
Rail fares: Why do prices vary around Wales? Have you ever wondered why some train tickets are more expensive than others?
Sammy-Lee Lodwig murder trial: Jason Farrell 'tied victim to bed' Jason Farrell repeatedly stabbed Sammy-Lee Lodwig at his flat in Swansea, a court hears.
Fiorenzo Sauro and Enzo Homes fined £300k for illegal felling A 176-year-old giant redwood was cut down to make way for new homes, a court hears.
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